Will your MP vote for safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care?

We all deserve the dignity of having control over decisions about our body, health and future. Yet laws from 1900 still deny NSW residents that right – and compound the distress, delays and financial burden faced by those who need to end a pregnancy.

Right now, there’s an opportunity to change that. Members of parliament are preparing to vote on legislation that would finally provide safe, legal and compassionate access to abortion care in NSW. Each MP is expected to cast a personal ‘conscience vote’ on the bill – which means that convincing every single wavering and undecided MP they have community support to vote yes is critical.

Can you show your representatives you want them to vote yes? Enter your postcode to find out whether they’ve declared their position yet; and then use the tool to send them an email letting them know you, as a constituent, want them to vote in favour of reform.

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