Will your MLC vote for abortion reform?

John Ajaka
Mark Banasiak
Robert Borsak
Ben Franklin
Don Harwin
Natalie Ward
These members of parliament has not yet publicly indicated how they intend to vote.

They may still be making up their mind. Can you send them an email to urge them to vote in favour of the legislation, and ask them to publicly declare where they stand?
Niall Blair
Abigail Boyd
Mark Buttigieg
Anthony D'Adam
Cate Faehrmann
Wes Fang
Justin Field
John Graham
Emma Hurst
Rose Jackson
Trevor Khan
Shayne Mallard
Sarah Mitchell
Daniel Mookhey
Tara Moriarty
Mark Pearson
Peter Primrose
Adam Searle
Walt Secord
Penny Sharpe
David Shoebridge
Bronnie Taylor
Mick Veitch
These members have committed to vote for the proposed abortion reform laws; a system that respects a woman’s right to make decisions about her own healthcare.

Their commitment is incredibly important – can you send them an email to thank them for their commitment to supporting compassionate healthcare in NSW? Find out more

The commitment of these members will be attracting some pretty unpleasant emails from those who want women and pregnant people to be denied the dignity of control over their own bodies. Will you help show them that their constituents appreciate their commitment on this issue? We encourage you to customise the template email below to have as much impact as possible.

Lou Amato
Catherine Cusack
Greg Donnelly
Scott Farlow
Courtney Houssos
Mark Latham
Natasha Maclaren-Jones
Taylor Martin
Matthew Mason-Cox
Shaoquett Moselmane
Fred Nile
Rod Roberts
Damian Tudehope
Media are reporting that these members plan to oppose the legislation.